Our Commitment

  1. Build each project with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Allow full visibility for our clients of all our financial dealings. Disclose everything. Keep the client informed. (No surprises.) Total honesty is the only acceptable approach.
  2. Build each project using the viewpoint that a satisfied client is always our most important goal. Be their advocate. Protect their interests. Commit whatever effort is necessary to ensure they are receiving the highest value for their construction dollar.
  3. Build each project with the goal of developing lifetime relationships with the client, the architect, and the rest of the team. These long-term relationships have been and will be the reason for our continued success.
  1. Build each project for a fair profit. We are not in this business to take advantage of relationships by attempting to hit the "home run." We will continue to be successful in this business by providing a valued service for a fair price.
  2. Build each project with a strong personal commitment from our entire team. We simply do what we say we're going to do in every aspect of the project. We're accountable for our actions – no matter the consequences.
  3. Build each project by teaming with only the most qualified, committed, and talented design professionals. The architects we work with must share our commitment to quality in all aspects of their design and its execution.
  4. Build each project with the goal of exceeding the client's expectations for service. Support each project with a deep, experienced, and professional staff that comprehensively manages all aspects of the project.
  5. Build each project as a team – with the goal of the project being successful for everyone involved. Develop a partnering environment with the client, architect, and subcontractor team that encourages collective decisions. Our success will not occur at the expense of someone else's.
  1. Build each project with the goal of achieving equal success in all three critical areas: schedule, cost, and quality. Maintain strict control systems in all of these areas to ensure these goals are consistently monitored throughout the process and ultimately achieved.
  2. Build each project with the goal of making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved – not only our clients, but ourselves, as well. At times, there will be project-related issues that seem as important as life or death; always remember – they are not.
  3. Build each project with a strong attention to detail and with unparalleled craftsmanship. Demand the highest level of quality from our workers. Instill long-term thinking into every aspect and decision in the process. Remember – it must be right for our clients.
  4. Build each project only after the proper groundwork has been laid. Insist on early involvement from the project's inception. Develop realistic budgets and schedules very early on – even at the risk of initially losing a project. The ultimate goal is a delighted client at the end of the project.
  1. Build each project with focus, intensity, and urgency – but with a healthy balance in our lives. Remember – even though we are involved with wonderful projects – they are still just work. Our family and life beyond work should always be our highest priority.
  2. Build each project with creativity and intelligence. Always strive to be on the forefront of the latest systems and technologies. Bring value to the team by offering innovative solutions to complex problems.