Architects & Designers

Here are just some of the talented architects and designers with whom Sebastian has collaborated over the years:

Al Jones Architects (Baton Rouge, LA)
Armand Legardeur Architect (New York)
Atelier AM (Los Angeles)
Backen Gillam & Kroeger Architects (Sausalito, CA)
Betty Lou Phillips Design (Dallas)
Bodron + Fruit (Dallas)
Booziotis & Company Architects (Dallas)
Cadwallader Design (Dallas)
David Easton Inc. (New York)
D.C. Broadstone, Architects (Dallas)
Eleanor Cummings Design (Houston)
Emily Summers Design Associates (Dallas)
Eric J. Smith Architects (New York)
Ferguson & Shamamian Architects (New York)
Ford Powell & Carson (San Antonio)
Fusch Architects (Dallas)
Hablinski Manion Architects (Los Angeles)
Hallberg and Wisely Design (Los Angeles)
Hart Howerton (New York)
Hayslip Design Associates (Dallas)
Ike Kligerman Barkley (New York)
Ken Tate Architect (Madisonville, LA)
Lake Flato Architects (San Antonio)
Larry E Boerder Architects (Dallas)
LM Studio (Los Angeles)
Max Levy Architects (Dallas)
Michael J Imber Architects (San Antonio)
Mlinaric Henry & Zervudachi Ltd. (London)
Neal Stewart Designs (Dallas)
Overland Partners (San Antonio)
Peace Design (Atlanta)
Peter Marino Architect (New York)
Quinlan Terry Architects (Dedham, England)
Randle & Associates (Chattanooga)
Richard Drummond Davis Architect (Dallas)
Richard Giegengack, Architect (Washington D.C.)
Robert A M Stern Architects (New York)
Seitz Design Ltd. (Fort Worth)
SHM Architects (Dallas)
Specht Architects (New York/Austin)
Thomas Phifer and Partners (New York)
Turner Boaz Architecture (Dallas)
Welch Architecture (Dallas)

"Artisanship permeates throughout their culture as they 'group' together to execute the vision of architects and owners. Their understanding of materials and processes pushes the architect to even greater understanding of the possibilities of design."

David Stocker, AIA
SHM Architects

"Project management is a key area that sets this company apart. They are remarkable at executing effectively and securing multiple trades to ensure the project runs smoothly without interruption. They go above and beyond to find the experts to achieve the most unique architectural details for a project."

Svend Christian Fruit, AIA
Principal & Co-Founder
Bodron / Fruit