Partner Praise: Detail-oriented, by design

At Sebastian, we’re a little spoiled. After all, we get to enjoy quality craftsmanship and architecturally significant design every day.

And while each home we build is undeniably beautiful, often it’s the details that make a particular project stand out.

Our love of executing each detail flawlessly is one of the reasons that we enjoy working with architects who share the same obsession for perfection.

Max Levy, aka the 2017 winner of the Texas Society of Architects O’Neil Ford Medal for Design Achievement, recently shared comments on Sebastian’s like-minded attention to detail.

“…my office takes great pleasure and pride in working out our details in detail. Sebastian not only follows the details in detail, but often makes suggestions that improve the weatherability, solidity, and economy of the details….The remarkable thing about John Sebastian’s organization is that he has somehow figured out a way to orchestrate a large organization to function at the high level of a small shop.” ~Max Levy, FAIA

We are honored.

Below, enjoy photos of our Twin Coves residence project, whose timelessly modern design reflects Max Levy’s work at its finest.