Ask John Sebastian #1 – Find the Right Architect

How do I find the right architect?

Making an initial list of architects to consider is easy – just ask friends and colleagues for referrals or scour publications and AIA membership listings. But when it comes to selecting the right architect, just picking a prestigious name is not enough.

In the high-quality custom residential architecture realm, yours is a very personal relationship. You and your architecture partner must have the right personality fit, as it is often a three-year marriage.

All the best architects, whether local to your state or nationally-known have strengths and weaknesses. Don’t ask the architect to design in a style that isn’t their preferred style.

How can you shortcut this process? Talking to John is the best route before deciding on an architect.

With more forty years experience in high end custom residential construction, John Sebastian is familiar with the strengths of a wide range of architects, those both local to Texas and on the national scene. He can help you determine your preferences and priorities, suggesting architects who would best match your project’s demands and your personal working style.