Subcontractor Appreciation Lunch

At Sebastian, we have a list of core values that govern how we operate. Two of those core values outline how we work with our associates, the subcontractors who team with us to build beautiful, high quality custom homes:

  • Build each project as a team – with the goal of the project being successful for everyone involved. Develop a partnering environment with the client, architect, and subcontractor team that encourages collective decisions. Our success should not be at the expense of someone else’s.
  • Build each project with the best people in this profession. Recognize that the success of our Company is totally based on the quality of our people. Constantly work toward identifying, recruiting, and retaining the top professionals in their specific field of expertise.

Earlier this month, we celebrated another successful project completion with a subcontractor appreciation barbecue lunch. While every project we build is built to last for centuries, this one was tested by Mother Nature before the owners could move in. The tornado that swept through Dallas in late October destroyed the newly installed landscaping and uprooted 80-year old trees.

Fortunately, the house survived the twister, with only a few missing roof tiles and several broken windows from projectile objects.

The huge circular structure? It’s a one-of-a-kind fountain.

Lunch includes prizes! (Yetis and Home Depot gift cards.)