[Video] Strait Lane, Philip Johnson-designed house in Dallas

It’s not often that you get to look inside a Sebastian-built home. And it’s even rarer to get a peek at one with such an architectural pedigree. While this Philip Johnson masterpiece is no longer on the market, we can enjoy a video of one of our most iconic projects, Strait Lane.

A previous listing description gives a taste of this one-of-a-kind property’s provenance:

“It has seen galas and gowns. A president. A first lady. A rock concert. Champagne toasts. Fashion shows down the double stairs. Singers. Socialites. Senators. Ambassadors. A ballet performance on the lawn. It has been celebrated in books, in Vogue and in The New York Times.”

“It is the rarest of them all: a Philip Johnson masterpiece, never to be repeated. Built in 1964, with an exquisite and sensitive update completed in 2008, the light-filled house boasts elegant living spaces, a stunning double staircase, a unique dining room with an arched canopy…”

Dallas architects Bodron+Fruit and landscape architecture firm Reed Hilderbrand of Cambridge MA completely renewed the dilapidated structure and grounds, retaining the clean lines but recreating the space as a family-friendly home. Sebastian performed the construction.